How to choose the right media monitoring keywords for best results

How to choose the right media monitoring keywords for best results

When evaluating a media monitoring service, there are many factors to consider: your scope of coverage, which provider to choose and the service tier that best fits your budget. However, while it may not seem to be a difficult choice, one of the most important decisions you will make is selecting the best keywords for your new monitoring account – keywords that will deliver the most relevant and targeted clips.

Choosing the right keywords and phrases is essentially a balancing act. If you pick terms that are too broad, they will return hundreds (or thousands) of clips per day, leaving you with a virtual stack too large to read through. However, if you pick terms that are too narrow (for example, just your company name or your name) – and you are not in the news at the moment – you may find you get very few or no daily results. In both of these cases, having too many clips can be as dangerous as having too few – both will leave you disappointed with your monitoring provider and its system capabilities.

So, for starters, what are some good keywords and terms to consider for your new monitoring account? In addition to the obvious (i.e., company name), be sure to think about your product names, trademarks, servicemarks and executive names. Then, moving to a broader level, you may want to consider your competitors and other industry peers or partners. Finally, on the broadest level, you should consider industry terms and keywords, geographic terms of interest and even subject-specific terms like disaster-preparedness news relative to your business. Ideally, most of your keywords should come from the first two of these tiers in order to return the most relevant results – and keep your daily clip-file to a manageable size. More…



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