The Art of Social Media Monitoring

The Art of Social Media Monitoring

This is the third in the series of “Practical Social Media”, looking in depth at how to set-up and run Social Media as part of your overall business strategy. If you have any areas you would like me to cover please let me know via the comments section below.

“Hi my name’s Chris, what do you do when you’re not hanging out with a bunch of Twitter geeks?”

And after Chris Brogan has used his favourite opening line to start a conversation at a local Social Networking meet-up he does as much as he can to keep the other guy talking so he can listen.

Two ears and one mouth, or what ever cliche you would like to use, listening is the key to getting people to trust you, like you and ultimately buy from you. Social Media is no different; before you go in shooting from the hip, peek around the saloon door first, see if you can catch the whispers in the room.

This is going to be a first real step into using Social Media as a business tool. Now it gets practical and monitor what’s going on in this space. More…



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