5 Mind Blowing SEO Tools Every Industry Expert Needs

5 Mind Blowing SEO Tools Every Industry Expert Needs

The various delegates at the recently held SES conference spoke about the importance of SEO tools to improve rankings on search engines. It was evident from the discussion that the shift towards authentic SEO tools is brisk and widespread. This is especially the case with Google algorithm updates becoming an increasingly regularly feature in the industry. The shift is being adopted by the SEO community via such methods as keyword research, monitoring visitors’ behavior  back link and link profile analysis, monitoring rankings, and others.

In an endeavor to be authentic while still giving a thrust to the rankings, newer and even more innovative methods are now entering the SEO space. This post endeavors towards appraising professionals at all levels of the best ones out there. More…


Differences Between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Differences Between Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

You may sometimes hear SEO and SEM used interchangeably, so you might think that search engine optimization and search engine marketing are the same thing. That is not the case. SEO and SEO are actually two different things.

The Connection Between the Two

Here’s how it works. Search engine marketing, or SEM, consists of everything you do to help your website reach the top of search results in places like Google or Bing. Some think of search engine optimization, aka SEO, as part of search engine marketing efforts. It technically is, but they are not the same exact thing. SEO is part of SEM, but SEM encompasses many other things, as you will see.

SEO, as you may already know, is the use of keywords and website design to help boost a site to the top rankings in search engines such as Google. Things like putting a full name or keyword in a title, using keywords, and writing interesting content are ways to boost SEO. Optimization means to improve things so that they are functioning at their best. More…


Titel: Suchmaschinen-OptimierungSuchmaschinen-Optimierung

Das umfassende Handbuch

Sebastian Erlhofer


Das Handbuch zur Suchmaschinen-Optimierung von Sebastian Erlhofer gilt in Fachkreisen zu Recht als das deutschsprachige Standardwerk.

Es bietet Einsteigern und Fortgeschrittenen fundierte Informationen zu allen wichtigen Bereichen der Suchmaschinen-Optimierung. Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt des Online-Marketings. Verständlich werden alle relevanten Begriffe und Konzepte ausführlich erklärt und erläutert. Neben ausführlichen Details zur Planung und Erfolgsmessung einer strategischen Suchmaschinen-Optimierung reicht das Spektrum von der Keyword-Recherche, der wichtigen Onpage-Optimierung Ihrer Website über erfolgreiche Methoden des Linkbuildings bis hin zu Ranktracking, Monitoring und Controlling.

Auch ergänzende Bereiche wie Google AdWords, die Konversionsraten-Optimierung und Google Analytics kommen nicht zu kurz.

Die aufgabenorientierte Struktur und die anschaulichen Beispiele ermöglichen Ihnen die direkte und schnelle Umsetzung in der Praxis. Mehr…




The Rise of Digital Influence: A “How-To” Guide for Businesses

The Rise of Digital Influence: A “How-To” Guide for Businesses

Research Report: The Rise of Digital Influence: A “How-To” Guide for Businesses

Author: Brian Solis

Publication Date: March 21, 2012


Digital Influence is one of the hottest trends in social media, yet is largely misunderstood. The Rise of Digital Influence, the new report by Altimeter Group Principal Analyst Brian Solis is a ‘how-to’ guide for businesses to spark desirable effects and outcomes through social media influence. The report helps companies understand how influence spreads, and it includes case studies in which brands partnered with vendors to recruit connected consumers for digital influence campaigns. Brian evaluates the offerings of 14 Influence vendors, organizing them by Reach, Resonance, and Relevance: the Three Pillars that make up the foundation for Digital Influence as defined in the report. Also included are an Influence Framework and an Influence Action Plan to help brands identify connected consumers and define and measure strategic digital influence initiatives. More…

How to Find Influential People With Social Media

How to Find Influential People With Social Media

Do you want to build relationships with key influencers in your niche?

Are you looking for an easy way to identify and connect with industry thought leaders?

If so, keep reading for a simple system you can immediately deploy.

Why Focus on Influencers?

Social media is a great way to develop strategic partnerships with key influencers and stay informed about what’s happening in your industry.

But you must focus your efforts to ensure that time spent in social media packs a punch.

A study from Forrester Research confirms that 13.4% of U.S. adults online create 80% of the content that influences people. And 6.2% of these web users are responsible for 80% of the influence in social media. More…


Create a social media strategy

Create a social media strategy

10 steps on how to create a social media strategy

If you are about to develop a social media strategy for your business and need some guidance on how to go about it, this guide is for you. If you have already launched your social media campaign and you are thinking, “What now?” this guide is also for you. Essentially, this guide is for everyone (small business to enterprise level) who is interested in finding out more on how to create a social media strategy. It is broken down into 10 steps, some of them challenging but fun.

I have seen a large number of companies launch their social media campaigns without formulating a solid plan, wondering why they haven’t achieved sustainable ROI or good levels of engagement. The simple truth is that you need to measure twice and cut once, although cutting is more fun! Creating a social media strategy before you “launch” is critical to the success of your social media presence.

Enjoy the guide and please share your social media planning experiences in the comments below. More…


Who Are The Influencers and How DO We Find Them?

Who Are The Influencers and How DO We Find Them?

In my last blog, “Clout vs. Klout – Or the Real Meaning of Social Influence,” I pulled together information which concluded that the most visible people are not necessarily correlated with influence, and word-of-mouth recognition can only be harnessed by targeting large numbers of ordinary influencers. That naturally raises the question, “Who are these influencers and how DO we find them?” Is there some way of identifying those people who are connected to a critical mass of easily influenced people?

The first place to find someone who has the credibility and the intent to influence others to change their behavior is in your own network. Going back to The YOU MATTER Manifesto, you already have the power and ability within your means to be an influencer. If you have credibility within a topic and ask those with whom you have strong ties to repeat information about something you like, they will do it because of their belief in you. If you did not like a product or service, and suddenly find something nice to say about it, your circle will sit up and take notice. I strongly believe that consistent engagement on social media is the best mechanism for building your influential base. More…